NEW FEATURE: Tighter Salesforce Integration With #SFDC Tag

Datanyze’s seamless integration continues to be one of our most popular features, allowing our customers to use our valuable data in a setting where they already spend most of their time. Today we are excited to announce the newest update to our Salesforce integration, the #SFDC tag, which you will see next to URLs throughout Datanyze.

Datanyze URL with tag

For our customers utilizing our integration, the #SFDC tag allows them to instantly know if a website in Datanyze’s web app or Chrome extension is currently in their Salesforce account, helping prevent overlap and duplication.

datanyze chrome extension with tag

We also show important information about your Salesforce records in the Company Information tab. Here you will find all tags, including #SFDC, in order to know which lists the website belongs to. Additionally, we’ve included links to the individual Salesforce entities, allowing you to view the record with one click.


This tag can also make for some very powerful Targeting queries to answer questions like: Who is not in my Salesforce account and using a competitor?


For another great example of using tags in Targeting, check out our blog post on seeing where your lost opportunities went.

Want to learn more about how Datanyze can give your sales and marketing team an unfair advantage? Contact us or request a demo!

Who Can #HeartBleed Affect? Here’s Our OpenSSL Data

A few days ago, news broke of one of the most widespread vulnerabilities the internet has ever seen, appropriately named “HeartBleed.” Due to the popularity of OpenSSL, the protocol that the bug affects, millions of websites are vulnerable.

We pulled some interesting data on OpenSSL usage and wanted to share it with you:

Total websites containing a visible signature of OpenSSL in their HTTP headers

<1,000 9
<10,000 260
<100,000 5,773
<1,000,000 72,675
Datanyze Universe* 760,131

*All websites that Datanyze tracks

Websites in the Alexa Top 1,000 using OpenSSL


Why does this matter? If we can tell that a website is using OpenSSL, so can a person with bad intentions. Luckily, a ton of a websites have already patched the vulnerability or are in the process of doing so. To see which websites are currently still vulnerable, checkout this HeartBleed website checker.

Want to know how we get this information? Interested in learning more about Datanyze? Please contact us - we’d love to chat.

Getting the Most Out of Your Datanyze Trial

Your Datanyze trial is an opportunity to take our product for a test drive in order to experience where and how it fits into your current flows. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your first experience with us, we want to share some tips to getting the most out of your trial.

Add accounts for your colleagues

During your trial, we allow you to invite people to try it out with you. By sharing Datanyze with your colleagues, you can get multiple opinions on how our data can improve your company’s performance. Here are easy instructions for adding people to your Datanyze trial:

  1. Go to your Datanyze Settings page
  2. Click the ‘Add account’ button
  3. Enter the email address of the person you’d like to add, then click the ‘Add account’ button

Datanyze Add Account

You and your colleagues can now receive your own Datanyze Alerts!

Set up your Alerts

Leads are time-sensitive, so don’t waste any time in setting up your Datanyze Alerts, which give you a daily synopsis of the websites that added or dropped the technologies you’re interested in tracking. Here’s a quick summary of what to do:

  1. Go to the Alerts Settings page
  2. Type into the search box the technologies you’re interested in tracking
  3. Once you’ve added your technologies, you can create some filters to ensure there isn’t too much noise (i.e. only alert me for websites with an Alexa rank of 1 million or better)
  4. Click the checkbox that says ‘Send daily summary’ if you’d like to receive a daily email with a digest of the websites that added and dropped the technologies you’re tracking (note: be sure to add to your contact list, otherwise your Alerts emails will go into your spam folder)

Datanyze Alerts settings page

Upload a list of your prospects

Chances are you’ve already spent a lot of time building a list of targets or prospects that you want to sell or market to. By uploading that list into Datanyze, you can gain valuable insights into the technologies they use, allowing you to better prioritize your outreach. For a more detailed explanation, check out our blog post on uploading a list of your customers or prospects to Datanyze.

Datanyze CSV Import form

Run a Targeting query

List building is an important part of a lot of sales and marketing processes, so we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to use our data to build specific, highly segmented lists of prospects. Here’s a quick summary of how to best utilize our Targeting feature:

  1. Go to the Targeting page
  2. Select some parameters to hone in on your targets. Here is an example query that returns websites currently using Google Analytics that are in the United States, added Pardot within the last month and have an Alexa rank less than 1 million:
    Datanyze Targeting query example
  3. Click the ‘Show results’ button to run the query; you can also customize your CSV Export settings and export the list by clicking the ‘Export to CSV’ button (limited to 25 results during a trial, but this should give you an idea of what to expect).

Send us your feedback!

Our product wouldn’t be what it is today without the feedback of our customers. Throughout your trial, be sure to keep track of what you loved and what needs improvement. Additionally, write down the technologies that you’d like us to add to our crawler and send us an email to with all of your feedback when your trial is over.

Marketing Automation Solutions at The Summit

The Marketing Nation Summit by Marketo begins today and we decided to take a peek at which marketing automation solutions are being used by those involved with the event. By using Datanyze’s CSV Import feature, we were quickly able to determine that Marketo is by far the most popular solution among those involved – not very surprising! Here is what the data looks like for sponsors, exhibitors and LaunchPoint:

Marketo 30 2417
Eloqua 7 41
ReachForce 5 11
DemandBase 4 11
Hubspot 3 44
Pardot 2 44
Act-On 2 22

Here’s an interactive infographic for your enjoyment:

Tools And Tips To Talk To The Right Person At The Right Time

In sales, timing is almost everything. If you can talk to the right person at the right time, it can make sure you get your foot in the door and don’t get the door slammed in your face. If you want to surface these serendipitous moments, you need to be armed with tools and tips like these:

[TOOL] Zopim is the chat service we use at Datanyze (there are many to choose from – see the ones we track here). It provides a snapshot of the visitors that are on our site right now as well as important context about the visitor such as their location and the path they took to get to our site. We have both scheduled demos and closed deals from Zopim chats, so we can personally vouch for the impact of talking to someone while they are on your site and most likely ready to take the next step.

Datanyze Zopim screenshot

According to a survey conducted by MIT Professor James B. Oldroyd, in conjunction with, “the odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times.” At Datanyze, answering demo and chat requests as quickly as possible is essential in maximizing our results based on this principle.

[TOOL] Datanyze Alerts gives our customers a daily summary of the websites that added or dropped the technologies they’re interested in. If a website dropped your competitor or added a technology you integrated with, reaching out to them within a day or two of that event can make the difference between them working with you or not.

Datanyze Alerts Example

In fact, we use Alerts internally (yes, we eat our own dog food) to surface great opportunities for our salespeople to reach out to prospects. If we see that a website in the Alexa top 1,000 dropped a technology, we’ll reach out to their competitors that we’re prospecting and notify them of the event – they’re almost always interested in hearing about how we found that data and how they can get their hands on it.

[TIP] Reach out to the right person. Timing only matters if you’re talking to the right person, so make sure you know who you’re targeting and how to contact them. We use our People data internally, but there are many great services that can provide contact information on the people you target like Rapportive and the recently launched StackLead.

Datanyze People Jon Hearty

[TIP] Learn the art of the cold email. At Datanyze, we can provide you with data that is so valuable you might feel guilty having it, but what you do with that data is up to you. We can show you the perfect person at the perfect time and give you their email address, but it’s up to you to take it from there. For some solid email-related tips, check out this post about cold emailing by Steli Efti of and a great one about email introduction etiquette by Jason Freedman of 42Floors.

We will keep the tips and tools coming! If you’d like to see how Datanyze can help you with sales and marketing, request a demo today.

The Datanyze Top 5 (March 2014)

Hello Datanyzers!

Here’s March’s data for the top five technologies in our five most popular categories for the Alexa top 1 million:

Marketing Automation

  1. Hubspot – 20.4%
  2. Marketo – 15.0%
  3. InfusionSoft – 12.7%
  4. Eloqua – 10.1%
  5. Pardot – 7.8%

Content Delivery Networks

  1. Akamai – 22.9%
  2. Amazon AWS CDN – 17.5%
  3. Amazon Cloudfront – 17.4%
  4. Edgecast – 8.4%
  5. MaxCDN – 7.5%

Domain Name Services

  1. Cloudflare DNS – 29.9%
  2. Route 53 – 18.7%
  3. DNSPod – 8.6%
  4. DNS Made Easy – 8.2%
  5. RackSpace DNS – 5.5%

Email Marketing

  1. MailChimp – 28.2%
  2. aWeber – 28.2%
  3. Constant Contact – 12.9%
  4. GetResponse – 5.7%
  5. Campaign Monitor – 5.5%

Content Management Systems

  1. – 58.2%
  2. Microsoft Frontpage – 8.8%
  3. Joomla – 7.7%
  4. Blogger – 7.3%
  5. Drupal – 6.6%

This Market Share data is always free to the public. If you’re interested in seeing our paid data, please request a demo.

CASE STUDY: The Fastly Success Story

At Datanyze, our product development starts with the customer, so we are constantly trying to study how our users interact with our product and how it changes the way they work. We recently spoke with Fastly’s VP of Sales, Bobby Condon, to hear about how Datanyze has affected his sales. Bobby had noticed several bottlenecks and inefficient processes that were negatively impacting his business; he implemented Datanyze as a solution, and after several months of using Datanyze, Bobby has shared some insights and results with us. To read about Bobby’s experience, check out The Fastly Success Story case study.

How To See Where Your Lost Opportunities Went

Imagine having the power to know what happened to all of those deals that you never closed. Consider being able to see which of your competitors is beating you in the fight for customers and applying those learnings to product decisions.

Okay you can stop imagining now. Why? Because Datanyze can and does provide these very insights for our customers. How? Buckle your seatbelt and prepare to have your mind blown!

All you need is a list of prospects that stalled or didn’t end up buying; make sure the list is in CSV format and contains just one URL per row.

Now that you’re armed with your list, click on the Domains button in the header and click on the CSV import button (or just click here). Upload your list and apply a new tag called LostProspect.

Datanyze CSV Import Form

If you’d like all Datanyze users in your organization to be able to see this tag, click ‘Make this tag public,’ then click the ‘Import’ button and proceed to the results.

Click on the Technologies tab to get a list of all of the technologies that are being used by the domains in your list:

Datanyze Imported Technologies

Your data is also accessible in Targeting. Here is what a query might look like for a company that wanted to see which of their lost prospects started using Livefyre during the last month:

Datanyze Targeting Form

We are constantly adding tips and tricks like this one to our blog, so be sure to come back regularly for more! And if you’re interested in joining Datanyze, please request a demo.

‘Datanyze Universe’ Option Added to Market Share

As our Datanyze Market Share has started growing and taking on a life of its own, we have begun thinking about how it can be expanded and improved upon. Today we are releasing our first, albeit minor, update to Market Share: Datanyze Universe.

Datanyze Universe option

A lot of people wanted to know what the Market Share looked like outside of just the top 1 million websites based on their Alexa rank, so we added the Datanyze Universe option, which allows you to see the market share for a technology category for all websites that Datanyze currently tracks. To give you a little context, here are screenshots of our market share data for the marketing automation space for both the top 1 million websites and all websites in the Datanyze Universe:

Datanyze Market Share Alexa 1M Marketing Automation

Datanyze Market Share Universe Marketing Automation

Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve or expand upon our current Market Share data? Email me at!

The Top 10 Marketing Automation Companies according to VentureBeat

A couple weeks ago, VentureBeat’s John Koetsier published a huge update on the marketing automation space, Top 10 Marketing Automation Companies: The VB Index report. The report was based on a survey that VentureBeat conducted on some of it’s readers who ranked marketing automation companies like Marketo and Act-On “based on 24 criteria, including cost, maturity, performance, reliability, and integratability.” Without a doubt, this update had some results that surprised a lot of people, including the high rankings of industry newcomers IBM and SAS. We decided to see how the VentureBeat Top 10 compared to Datanyze’s Top 10 based on our free Market Share data.

#1 Hubspot Hubspot
#2 Salesforce Marketo
#3 Marketo InfusionSoft
#4 SAS Eloqua
#5 Eloqua Pardot (Salesforce)
#6 IBM Leadlander
#7 Act-On Act-On
#8 InfusionSoft Unica
#9 LoopFuse VisiStat
#10 Silverpop DemandBase

There are definitely some differences, proving that market share does not always correlate directly with customer happiness. Also, as Dan Freeman points out, “…usage data is not particularly relevant without knowing something about the survey audience. Are they, for example, biased towards large firms? (Hint: Infusionsoft has more customers than either Marketo or Hubspot but shows lower usage in the VB Report).”

It is very clear that a lot of these marketing automation solutions are designed for different people and different use cases. Our data shows a clear difference between market shares of the top 1 million websites versus the top 10,000:

#1 Hubspot Marketo
#2 Marketo Visual Revenu
#3 InfusionSoft Eloqua
#4 Eloqua Unica
#5 Pardot DemandBase (Salesforce)

The fact that Hubspot is #1 in the top 1 million but not in the top 5 for the top 10 thousand is interesting. Additionally, according to Dan Freeman, InfusionSoft focuses on small businesses, a lot of which would not be anywhere near the top 1 million in Alexa ranking. Because of this, InfusionSoft is most likely much more widespread than any of this data might lead you to believe.

In the end, the devil, as they say, is in the details. When looking at data of any kind, it’s always important to evaluate the source, biases, and anything else that can throw you for a loop. As a company that focuses on quantitative data, Datanyze appreciates seeing qualitative studies like VentureBeat’s that give important context. If you’d like to learn about what other data we provide for our customers, please contact us!